Vendors Reveal #1 Marketing Tip ($100 to the Winner!)

Here at a local farmer's market, I ask vendors for their #1 marketing tip. Little do they know, my favorite tip will be rewarded with a $100 bill. 😙

Whether you're selling physical goods like these amazing people, or you're selling digital products online, all of these tips apply. Who would have you given the $100 prize to? Does it match my own selection?

Farmer's market vendors are some of my favorite people. They show up, rain or shine. They hustle. They're putting themselves out there. They are true entrepreneurs! Much love goes to the vendors who shared their tip with us, thank you!

*Note: I went around right when the farmer's market was closing so that I didn't bother these vendors during peak hours while serving customers. That's why when I'm walking around, the foot traffic isn't super high. It was SUPER booming earlier in the day though!

Here is a list of the Vendors Below and their respective websites or socials (if I could find it):

-Green Bottle Herbs:
-Gourmet Grilled Cheese (No branding for a specific company here unfortunately)
-Flamin' Salmon:
-Awafee Gluten Free:
-Chaupain Baker:
-Waffle Smith
-Artisan Crepes:
-Ibo's Cuisine:
-Jamacian Jerk Hut:
-Island Girl Bakes:

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