Twitter Advertising – How We Got 198% ROI Using Twitter Ads

How We Got 198% ROI Using Twitter Ads. Click here to read the full article –
Have you tried Twitter advertising?

We've had so much success with Twitter ads that Twitter wrote a
case study about us…

Let's take a look at a campaign we ran that produced $7937.85 in revenue and 198% ROI.

People expect to find content in their Twitter feed.  We obliged them by building a set of three informative articles on our blog that are relevant to a product we sell called Authority ROI.
These blog posts are the landing pages for the Twitter ads in this campaign.
This is called Native Advertising.
A native ad follows the form and function of the medium in which it is placed.  In this case the medium is Twitter and the form/function is content that either informs, inspires or entertains.
Rather than drive traffic to a traditional sales page for our product we instead drive traffic to these informative articles and then weave calls-to-action to the relevant offer within the copy of these articles.

The Offer
The eventual offer made to those visiting our site from these ads is a course called Authority ROI.
This course is designed to teach bloggers how to make money from their blogs by treating them like media properties.
The Ads
We used Twitter's Promoted Tweets ad format for this campaign.  These are very simple to set up.
Because the ads are "native", they look just like any other tweet.  There's no mention of a product.  There's no selling.
We simply present them with a good headline and a link to informative content.
Here are the three tweets we "promoted", each leading to an article that is relevant to the eventual offer:
The Landing Pages
For this campaign we built three informative articles that were relevant to our Authority ROI offer.
Each article has stand-alone value.  In other words, the reader will get value from the landing page regardless of whether they take the offer.
Here are the three landing pages for this campaign:
How We Grew a Blog from Zero to $6 Million…
How To Make $1000 a Month From Your Blog
Stop Guest Blogging But not because Google told you to

Each of these articles is what we call a "native worthy" landing page.  The landing page provides valuable content that is consistent with what the user expects to find when they click on the link in the native ad.
The content is also relevant to the eventual Authority ROI offer and includes calls-to-action to learn more about the offer.
The Results
The power of running Twitter ads using native ads vs. direct offers is two-fold:
It feels natural — The flow from  Tweet "Native Worthy" Landing Page Sales Page follows the form and function of the user experience in Twitter.
Native worth landing pages get shared — Traditional sales pages don't get shared but "native worthy" landing pages do — because they have value.  This increases the flow of traffic to the offer and reduces Cost Per Acquisition.
Here's what our results looked like…
Social Media Sharing of "Native Worthy" Landing Pages
904 Facebook Likes
256 Tweets
95 LinkedIn Shares
95 Google+ Shares
Sales Results from Native Twitter Ads Campaign
359K Impressions
9.71K Engagements
$0.27 Cost Per Engagement
$2,663 Spent
$7,937.85 in Revenue

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Twitter Advertising – How We Got 198% ROI Using Twitter Ads

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