My Response to Gary Vee & “Passive Income is B******t”

Gary Vaynerchuk recently published a podcast episode and video about how passive income is BS. This video is my response.

I love Gary, and he and his work (especially his book, Crush It) have been instrumental in my success as an entrepreneur, and I'm thankful that he has used his giant platform to bring to light what's out there, and what is actually real.

As always, Gary keeps it real, and although we have different styles, you may be surprised about my take on his rant.

Here are the links to Gary's "Passive Income is B******t" videos and podcast episode, I recommend you give them a listen:

Podcast Episode (direct):

Podcast Episode (on iTunes):

Video (original):

Video compilation of other passive income rants from Gary Vaynerchuk Fanpage:

And make sure you subscribe to Gary's channels here on YouTube:

Gary Vaynerchuk:


Where do you stand on "passive income"? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Greg Cassius

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