How To Use Facebook Website Custom Audiences

How To Use Facebook Website Custom Audiences by
It's Marketing 101… make the right offer to the right list.
And Facebook just made it a lot easier… You can read the full article here
What if I told you that you could easily:
• Make the right offer…
• …to the right list…
• … of prospects that already know who you are!?
Facebook Website Custom Audiences let's you do just that… let me show you how.
Here's an example…
A website has content (pages) on it about:
• Vegetarian Recipes
• Gluten-Free Recipes
• Vegan Recipes

Those pages get traffic from places like Twitter, Google search, Facebook Ads and emails they send to their subscribers.
Naturally… the Vegetarians visit pages about vegetarian stuff.
The gluten-free folks visit pages about gluten-free stuff.  And the Vegans… you get the point.
Facebook Website Custom Audiences allows you to create a list of people and run ads to them based on the pages they've visited on your website.

Website Custom Audiences + Your Content = Cheap, High Converting Traffic
How could you use the content on your website to build laser focused lists (and offer them exactly what they want) in Facebook?
Alright… enough theory.
Let me show you how to get this done…
If you would like to read the full article of how to set use Facebook website custom audiences you can click here –
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