How to Record 2 USB Mics with Separate Tracks at the Same Time on MAC (For Interviews & Podcasting)

You'd think it would be easy to just plug two USB microphones into your computer and hit record into two separate tracks, but of course, NOPE! There's a little trick that I'll show you here in this video.

Note: This is primarily for MAC users only, however the "idea" is the same for PCs. The menu items and where to find to do this process is different on a PC.

This way, you can record two people at the same time (or more if you have more mics, just do the same thing again and again for each additional microphone), and control each track separately for editing.

Tools / items mentioned in this video below (affiliate links):

Anker 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub:

iRig Lav Mic (2-pack):

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