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In this Facebook ad tutorial we will show Which Facebook Advertising Objective Generated 5X the Leads at 1/5 the Cost. Click here to read the full article –

The first obstacle most people face when setting up Facebook ads is choosing the “advertising objective”.

Obviously we all want to generate leads, sales and engagement on Facebook.

That’s why there are so many options available in the ads manager:

Most of the objectives are self explanatory…

But, what about Clicks to Website and Website Conversions? Which should I use, and when?

This has been a burning question for some time.

0:36 – Should you try to send as much traffic as possible vis Facebook website clicks?

0:56 – We ran the same ad using the same targeting options, budget, and landing page.

1:36 – Here are the results from our Facebook ads after 3 days.

2:05 – So, what does this mean with our Facebook advertising in 2014?

Click here to read our full article –

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Facebook Ad Tutorial 2014

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