#AskDM – Should I remove people from my email list

In this #AskDM video we cover if you should remove people from your mailing list who are unengaged.

0:19 – Once you’ve had an email list for any length of time, you’re going to have some people on your list who have stopped engaging or stopped opening your emails. It’s only natural – not everyone is a perfect fit for what you have to offer.

0:28 – However, before you go through and delete half the email list you worked so hard to build, give those people a push to encourage them to stick around!

0:35 – We run what we call a “reengagement series” before we do a list scrub. This is a 5-9 email sequence where we do something a little out of the ordinary – we ask people if they want to stick around! With some clever subject lines and an enticing freebie, you can recapture up to 10% of the unengaged audience members and get them back to opening and clicking.

0:54 – Once you’ve “reengaged” it is time to remove those disengaged people from your list – continuing to send emails to people who don’t read them can hurt your deliverability. At Digitalmarketer we actually save email addresses we stop mailing to on a regular basis, we just remove them from our mail email list and mailing program. We actually have a separate email platform where we keep these emails around to send occasional affiliate offers. But if you don’t work with affiliates, it’s fine to just delete those emails as well.

1:19 – Removing people who have cooled on your emails from your list is essential – a healthy, engaged list means high deliverability, and makes your open and click through rates meaningful.

1:30 – Interested in learning about when you should be sending out autoresponder emails to your new customers? Check out this askDM video where I talk about when to send your autoresponder emails.

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#AskDM – Should I remove people form my mailing list

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