5 Types of Email Subject Lines That ALWAYS Get Opened | Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau

This week, Justin Rondeau, General Manager for DigitalMarketer, goes over the 5 types of email subject lines that (almost) ALWAYS get opened.


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Here are the 5 types of email subject lines that (almost) ALWAYS get opened.

Email Subject Line #1: The Dead-On Offer

This is a pretty simple one, I got the goods and I know you want them. Though you REALLY need to make sure that people “want what you got.”

Email Subject Line #2: Curiosity/Blind

Want to boost opens? Well that’s EASY—get them curious or…wait for it…confused.

Sure, a confused customer GENERALLY doesn’t convert but confusion will provoke the EXACT action you want in this case: the open.

Email Subject Line #3: Self interest “What’s in it for MEEEEE”

We’ve heard ‘What’s in it for me’ in more ways than one and this is an objection ALL marketers ALWAYS have to over come.

This all comes down to WHY SHOULD I READ THIS NOW.

Email Subject Line #4: Urgency

There’s no motivator like a deadline, that was true in school AND in business. People hate missing out and they ESPECIALLY hare missing out on a deal.

Email Subject Line #5: Story/Relevance

The most interesting part of the story is…well…the middle. With these kinds of subject lines you’re trying to transport your reader into the middle of a conversation.


Justin Rondeau is the General Manager at DigitalMarketer and has been doing this whole “Marketing” thing since 2010, when he was mildly […okay maybe more than mildly] obsessed with all things, data, email, optimization, and split testing.

He’s trained thousands of marketers, spoken on hundreds of stages, runs a delightful team of marketers & product creators, has dozens of shirts louder than his voice, and loves one hockey team: the Boston Bruins.

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