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This week, Justin Rondeau, Head of Operations for DigitalMarketer, goes over the 5 types of lead magnets that any business can and should use to get more opt-ins and subscribers!


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A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect or visitor in exchange for their contact information. And here are the 5 5 types of lead magnets that you can use for any business!

Lead Magnet 1: Cheat Sheets and Checklists

Talk about easy to consume & HIGHLY VALUABLE. The Cheat sheet or checklist is hands down one of the best types of lead magnets.

[Customer Avatar name] is committed to…

Lead Magnet 2: Templates, Templates, Templates

PEOPLE LOVE TEMPLATES. They see these as a Lead Magnet and go absolutely bananas.

Templates are the ultimate shortcut for your audience.

You don’t have to be in the email, landing page, or website space to create templates for your audience—we do it all the time at DigitalMarketer.

Lead Magnet 3: Video Training

Notice I didn’t say ‘Webinar’ Don’t get me wrong Webinars are a phenomenal way to generate leads 7 sales…BUT

A webinar is meant to be an ‘event’ and when someone says ‘no’ to your webinar they might be saying NO to the date, the time, OR the content.

Lead Magnet 4: Free Shipping or Discounts

Okay okay—I know we’ve said coupons aren’t REALLY lead magnets but you can position discounts and free shipping so that they become lead magnets (or at least check most of the boxes).

Lead Magnet 5: Swipe Files

Ah the good ol’ swipe file. If you’re anything like me you have an email folder filled with swipe-able emails, a bookmark folder of swipe-able page (for design, copy, and content), and a slack channel dedicated to cool swipe-able examples.

If you’re not like me, then in this case you should. Become obsessed with your industry (and even your tangential ones) you’ll be surprised what you can learn!


Justin Rondeau is the Head of Operations at DigitalMarketer and has been doing this whole “Marketing” thing since 2010, when he was mildly […okay maybe more than mildly] obsessed with all things, data, email, optimization, and split testing.

He’s trained thousands of marketers, spoken on hundreds of stages, runs a delightful team of marketers & product creators, has dozens of shirts louder than his voice, and loves one hockey team: the Boston Bruins.

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