4 Types of Entrepreneurs and THEIR DARK SIDES

There are 4 types of entrepreneurs, and it's important to know which one you are because each comes with it's own set of down falls and traps. Watch the video, and see which one you are? Leave a comment below once you figure it out, and remember it can be a combination of a few, too.

Big thanks to Ryan Levesque from for coming onto the show. This video is actually a sneak peek from our upcoming audio podcast interview going live on the Smart Passive Income Podcast later this year. This was so good, I wanted to pull it out and put it into it's own video for you here.

0:48 – Type 1 – The Mission-Based Entrepreneur
1:40 – Type 2 – The Passion-Driven Entrepreneur
3:11 – Type 3 – The Opportunity-Based Entrepreneur
3:50 – Type 4 – The Undecided Entrepreneur

Dark sides / traps at: 4:58

Choose, by Ryan Levesque (affiliate link):

Again, let me know which type of entrepreneur you are, and if you've fallen into any of these traps Ryan spoke about.

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