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This week, Becky Zieber, Content Strategist for DigitalMarketer, goes over the 3 blogging mistakes she’s learned the hard way and how to avoid them, plus one big win and how you can get there too!


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Running a blog can be a LOT of work, and it can be easy to slip up or make a bad call. But we have you covered, so you can learn from our mistakes and not make them yourselves.

Blogging Mistake 1: Letting Your Editorial Calendar slide

Sometimes, it feels more important in the moment to prioritize getting new posts written or edited or uploaded, and that sometimes means I’m not updating our editorial calendar with information about what I’m posting.

But I always find myself scrambling later on to gather all the necessary information I should have been tracking in the first place.

Blogging Mistake 2: Consistently using high-ticket CTAs

This is something we did for a really long time. We put our marketing mastery certifications in the CTA on our blog posts.

And while this felt like a really good idea, we were jumping the gun on the customer value journey.

You want to make sure you are tiering your CTA’s so you are meeting your customers where they are at, and better serving their CVJ stage. Which means you will get more, quality conversions.

Blogging Mistake 3: Not Varying our content

And no, I don’t mean we decided to start writing about lifestyle trends on our marketing blog.

I’m talking about our keyword strategy. We learned we need to vary our content between keyword strategies to maintain ranking and new keywords.

The Big Blog Win:

By streamlining our blog creation process, we have been able to double, and even triple our blog output. Which for us means we are posting upwards of 4 times a week.


Becky Zieber is the Content Strategist at DigitalMarketer and is in charge of managing and building strategies for all DM content. In 2018, a year after graduating from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Becky traded out her job in education publishing to move to Austin, Texas and join the DM team. She has since made it her mission to ruthlessly hound her coworkers about commas and dashes.

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